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mellanox irq affinity 2 Automatic NUMA Balancing and Task Affinity Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 provides support for automatic NUMA balancing. m. Jump to navigation search. This issue may occur with the Mellanox inbox driver due to a limitation supporting systems with more than 128 logical cores given that hyper threading is enabled. The kernel now automatically detects which memory pages process threads are actively using and tries to group the threads and their memory into or across NUMA nodes. Drop 3. To find out which socket to pass to set_irq_affinity_bynode. PCI Apply Cavium ACS quirk to ThunderX2 and ThunderX3 bsc 1051510 . IRQ here overwrites SPSR. Also the HP Elite 840 G1 using 64b kernel does show but 100x less this problem with do_IRQ 0. High load from process irq 65 i2c INT3 kernel module tps6598x 1915186 Focal update v5. 7. c 2 1 file changed 2 insertions diff git a kernel irq manage. org gt . 32 358. sh 1 ethN Bind your program to the same CPU socket as the NIC numactl N 1 program_name Which cores belong to a NUMA socket cat sys devices system node node0 cpulist note on some Dell servers that might be 0 2 4 6 Perform advanced HCA tuning IRQ Affinity Interrupt Moderation and NUMA configurations Utilize InfiniBand and IPoIB benchmarking tools List the common InfiniBand troubleshooting scenarios Diagnose analyze and fix common InfiniBand fabric issues related to HCA Switch Subnet Manager Performance and Routing. Iperf reports bandwidth delay jitter datagram loss. In Patch 1 11 quot net mlx5_core Set irq affinity hints quot there is a misuse of cpumask_var_t will be fixed for V1 3. 3 devices. 2. 10 50G Mellanox ConnectX 4 LX mlx5en HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 Intel E5 2650 v2 8x2 2. Step 0. sh 32 35 eth0 command to set IRQ affinity with cores 32 to 35 of the secondary CPU for Mellanox NIC eth0. 10. keshavamurthy Date Mon Jun 04 2007 18 33 44 EST Next message anil . sender affinity Set sender thread affinity to the given core id see cat proc cpuinfo . irq stats per cpu irq_2_iommu. c7ee492 4 0 0. Mellanox ConnectX 4 EN VPI 100G NICs with ports in EN mode Mellanox OFED Driver 3. e. f038e58 100644 a kernel irq manage. sh SFP28 Optical Transceiver SR Finisar FTLF8538P4BCL SFP28 Optical Transceiver SR no 25G Optical Transceivers Mellanox RSS NIC CPU . struct_irq_affinity_notify 9 context for notification of IRQ affinity changes struct_irq_chip 9 hardware interrupt chip descriptor struct_irq_chip_generic 9 Generic irq chip data structure struct_irq_chip_regs 9 register offsets for struct irq_gci struct_irq_chip_type 9 Generic interrupt chip instance for a flow type Welcome to LinuxQuestions. However a deep analysis of the usage of CPUs under these scenarios has 2 note this hardware software or test suite product product s and its related documentation are provided by mellanox technologies as is with all faults of any kind and solely for the purpose of aiding the customer in testing applications that use the products in designated solutions. Solution In Progress Updated 2015 07 01T10 23 57 00 00 English Manuals and free instruction guides. are now available. 0 1. 0 November 2010 First release Performance Tuning Guidelines for Mellanox Network Adapters Rev 1. sh p2p1 Individual tests of the storage elements benchmark of the local filesystem tools used Iozone fio dd Tests of the complete chain On the client Storage Iozone fio dd xrdcp 2x Mellanox Technologies 100GbE single port QSFP28 ConnectX 5 EN network interface cards It also ensures IRQ affinity is assigned cores closest to the NUMA node of device. This will take two mid performance servers simply to keep up with generating 2. 82. 8M data packets per second. The DPAA QMan portal interrupts are affined each to a certain CPU. cat proc interrupts was my friend here. OK on core 2 duo and your. The affinity mask identifies the specific processors or groups of processors that can receive the IRQ. This undermines the work done by kirqd by writing a cpu mask directly to the ioapic. Mellanox iperf Mellanox iperf pci Convert Mellanox broken INTx quirks to be for listed devices only bsc 1051478 . 4 kernel. 13 Some NETDEV_CHANGE notifier invocations were not passing in the Elixir Cross Referencer Explore source code in your browser Particularly useful for the Linux kernel and other low level projects in C C bootloaders C Block multiqueue MSI X based queue mapping 26 Motivation Eliminate the IPI case Expose MSI X vector affinity mappings to the block layer Map the HW context mappings via the underlying device IRQ mappings Offer MSI X allocation and correct affinity spreading via the PCI subsystem Take advantage in pci based drivers nvme rdma fc hpsa The purpose of this exercise was to evaluate the impact of IRQ binding and I O worker thread affinity on throughput characteristics. Error Message Unexpected token G in JSON at position 0 Report Feedback Return to Home page Fork and Edit Blob Blame Raw Blame Raw Use irq affinity to force the irq threads to execute on some other CPU. Feb 12 2020 Is your setup tuned according to Mellanox tuning guide with regard to IRQ affinity performance profile of the server both in BIOS and in the OS eg. Ted Hruzd November 2017 . Star 43 Fork 31 Star Code Revisions 6 Stars 43 Forks 31. Make sure I O non posted prefetch is disabled in BIOS. Will protect 58 it from affinity setting 59 IRQ_NOPROBE Interrupt cannot be probed by autoprobing 60 IRQ_NOREQUEST Interrupt cannot be requested via 61 request_irq 62 IRQ_NOAUTOEN Interrupt is not automatically enabled in 63 request setup_irq 64 IRQ_NO_BALANCING Interrupt cannot be balanced affinity set 65 IRQ_MOVE Add the mlxfw module for Mellanox firmware flash process commit commit commit commit commit commit commit commit commit. OK PCI Speed 8GT s PCI Max Payload Size 256 mlx4_en Mellanox ConnectX HCA Ethernet driver v2. Dec 03 2018 We recommend using iperf and iperf2 and not iperf3. 0 50 0 0 PCI MSI edge From Greg Kroah Hartman lt gregkh AT linuxfoundation. mellanox. CPU 0 eth0 irq 67 eth1 irq 75 eth2 irq 83 eth3 irq 59 CPU 1 CPU 2 fw_5. 10 20 40Gb s InfiniBand and RoCE based on the RDMA over Converged Ethernet standard over 10 40GbE are supported with OFED by IRQ affinity hints are now set when working in InfiniBand mode. ibm. This package provides the Firmware update for Mellanox ConnectX 5 Ethernet Network Adapters. CPU 4 fw_3 quot irq u Affinity broken due to vector space exhaustion. sh 8 ethN Use a xed clock speed set to the max for your processor The vmw_ahci driver does not handle the exception properly and creates repeated PORT_IRQ_UNK_FIS exception logs in the kernel. tar. The Linux Kernel documentation . The same cards give 9. Deterministic reproduction of quot do_IRQ 0. sh you can use this command cat sys class net ethN device numa_node net mlx5_core Set irq affinity hints Preparation for upcoming ethernet driver. IRQ Balancer Status ACTIVE Driver Status OK MLNX_OFED_LINUX 4. When working with a modern device that utilizes per core interrupt via MSIX in most cases performance will be better when disabling this IRQ balancer and setting IRQ affinity as explained next . irq. pci msi fix the pci_alloc_irq_vectors_affinity stub bsc 1050211 . Embed. Depends upon NIC For Mellanox ConnectX 3 options are enable_sys_tune and high_speed_steer ethtool parameters rx tx ring size interrupt coalescence flow control ifconfig parameters MTU txqueuelen Linux kernel parameters UPD TCP read write kernel buffer sizes TCP timestamp and ack behavior etc. DPAA IRQ Affinity and Receive Side Scaling Debugging DPAA2 Documentation. gt echo lt hexadecimal bit mask gt gt proc irq lt irq vector gt smp_affinity . config applied on 3. TmFifo is a shared FIFO which enables external host machine to exchange data with the SoC via USB or PCIe. 00 PR 2335847 Mellanox ConnectX5 devices might report that Auto Negotiation is not active although the feature is turned on When you use the esxcli network nic get n vmnicX command to get Auto Negotiation status on Mellanox ConnectX5 devices you might see the status as False even if the feature is enabled on the physical switch. Each NUMA node is connected to 4 GTX 470 GPUs. k0ste nginx vts exporter 0. 1000 OK PCI Width x16 gt gt gt PCI capabilities might not be fully utilized with Broadwell CPU. Terminated input buffer with offset cancellation circuit WO2010020907A2 en 2008 08 21 2010 02 25 Voltaire Ltd. 39 No irq handler for vector quot message. 9. 1 was used as the hypervisor. Tuning for Multiple Adapter Cards 3. The device provides a fast path that avoids protocol processing for most messages greatly accelerating data transfer and offloading time intensive processing tasks from the host CPU. com www. 00 Module empowers your dynamic content with automatic ETag header. For example each interrupt to all CPUs you will get something like FF while running the command show_irq_affinity . root onion2 cmd mlnx . 2 running Kernel 3. . Code Browser 2. c b kernel irq manage. Over subscribing CPU cores could be detrimental for performance and should be avoided if possible. This goes along with the set_irq_affinity script provided with the ixgbe driver. 1 Supported Platforms and Operating . On both nodes set_irq_affinity_cpulist. for IRQ 39 s on the system . HR Mellanox Technologies Ltd. For really ULL utilize FPGA based NICs like those from FiberBlaze ExaBlaze or Enyx or SolarFlare s version. At Netflix I 39 m playing with an EPYC 7502P with 16 NVME and dual 2x100 Mellanox ConnectX6 DX NICs. The repeated logs cause lack of physical CPU heartbeat and the ESXi host might fail with a purple diagnostic screen. 1 ConnectX 5 Device Status on PCI 84 00. irqbalancer is a process that is responsible for balancing interrupts across processors. 4. Ring buffer sizes. sh. RX is either handled in soft IRQ or in the same reactor context CPU NUMA affinity assignments for I O threads Mellanox ConnectX 4 LX So it looks like nowadays the generic setup_irq will call irq_select_affinity when an interrupt is first requested. In a case where this is not possible it is recommended that via the cpu affinity config section in suricata. The Affinity Mask Calculator has just been enhanced to include the conversions from Affinity Mask values back to CPU combinations. Add NVIDIA Tegra210 support. In this example we have 12 CPU cores rings with the interrupts are spread across the cores it is a bitmap . 5 Jan 1 2015 An Rx performance reduction of about 20 has been observed on the bonded ethernet slaves on the 6. By default IRQ affinity is setup to the CPU0 core of the Jetson AGX. mlnxperftuner allow_changes Commands summary view The script will only print proposals to improve performance. What is the proper way to debounce a GPIO input 2. com gt Upstream commit 95f1ba9a24af9769f6e20dfe9a77c863f253f311 In the VF driver module parameter mlx4_log_num_mgm_entry_size was Oh and also don 39 t forget to set up IRQ affinity to avoid any of those cores to handle. set_irq_affinity_bynode. Alternatively to CPU affinity assignment you can try to enable SRP target 39 s internal thread. Re PATCH drivers net ethernet mellanox mlx4 let mlx4 depend on SMP From David Miller Date Sat May 17 2014 01 37 10 EST Next message Chen Gang quot Re First let s set up the hardware. el8. 2017 02 13 Filing date 2017 04 06 Publication date 2019 08 20 Generated on 2019 Mar 29 from project linux revision v5. 21. 4 Add infrastructure for software and hardware based TSC rate. txt 16 137 bytes virsh console fwa36ax46jpbja Connected to domain fwa36ax46jpbja Escape character is Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset Initializing cgroup subsys cpu Linux version 2. 82 Top general date 2019 12 20 start time 23. Prefetching of receive queue descriptors US20090302923A1 en 2006 05 08 2009 12 10 Mellanox Technologies Ltd. For additional information on the new features please refer to the MLNX_EN User Manual. 960947 Broke affinity for irq 44 15680. 6 1. The MLNX_EN driver release exposes the following capabilities Single Dual port Up to 16 Rx queues per port 16 Tx queues per port Rx steering mode Receive Core Affinity RCA MSI X or INTx Adaptive interrupt moderation HW Tx Rx checksum calculation Large Send Offload i. Virtualization VXLAN fixes and performance improvements. There are interrupts which are specific to a given core a prime example is the division by zero IRQ in x86 . First disable irqbalance and manually pin your cpu irq affinity. set_irq_affinity_cpulist. 4 03 Jul 2016 Firmware 12. The file contains a bitmask that has one bit per core. Interface queues and IRQ affinity are configured accordingly. When you tried enabling profiling or heal you 39 d get in log Intro to ULL Architectures for Electronic Trading Concentration on Red Hat Linux Role. Live parameter tuning can be done using the lctl command. sh 4 run iperf under numactl so it would go to the same numa node. If the APIC uses physical destination mode then it is already restricted to a single CPU 2 Experiments have shown that the benefit of multi CPU affinity is close to zero and in some test even worse than setting the affinity to a single CPU. org gt Fix reference leaks on irq affinity notifiers Mellanox iperf . libmlx5 Added ConnectX 4 device 4114 to the list of supported devices hca_table Storage Added iSER Target driver. cd proc irq 32 ls i have 3 folders and a file named spurious. PCIe connection is well established and data correctly exchanged. 1 Fixed in Release 4. 4 Description Workaround On ConnectX 2 ConnectX 3 Ethernet adapter cards N A. Like Exadata Exlogic Exalytics ODA BDA SupperCluster ZDLRA Platinum Service irq. Set system profile focused on network performance latency. 0 setting latency timer to 64 alloc irq_desc for 26 on node 1 alloc kstat_irqs on node 1 mlx4_core 0000 02 00. Intel has been a driving force behind many kernel networking improvements but they naturally don 39 t care for other manufacturers so they implement a little bit of kernel infrastructure and 11 IRQ affinity bug fixes in mlx4 driver from Amir Vadai. 6 10G Chelsio T540 CR Queue IRQ pining chelsio_affinity_enable YES Configuring IRQ SMP affinity has no effect on some devices that use message signaled interrupts MSI with no MSI per vector masking capability. x Gbs pretty close to the 10Gb. 0 Mellanox Technologies 4 Revision History Table 1 Revision History Revision No. Not familiar with FreeBSD at all for instance in RHEL CentOS you have different performance profile one can set use. 2 1 Feb 2014 mlx4_core Initializing 0000 02 00. Note that one runs iWARP and the other RoCE but that s okay Fuji supports both. 2 hostid 007f0101 cpu_cnt 1 cpu speed 2394. This warning flags drivers that forgot to do that and which might thus leak a PATCH genirq Expose default irq affinity mask take 2 From Max Krasnyansky Date Tue May 27 2008 18 02 13 EST Next message Linus Torvalds quot Re MMIO and gcc re ordering issue quot Elixir Cross Referencer. 1020 Topology Both systems connected to Dell Z9100 100Gbps ON Top of Rack Switch Uplink to nersc tb1 ALU SR7750 Router running 100G loop to Starlight and back 92ms RTT Using Tagged 802. Hacktoberfest Contribute Failed to set the CPU affinity for hpet IRQ on Red Hat Linux. Don 39 t use Bluetooth in which case these kthreads won 39 t be created in the first place. To do this run the vendor supplied IRQ script at boot time. sh 1 ethN bin cpupower frequency set g performance See full list on 01. I configured a user IRQ sent by the endpoint over PCIe and I m using MSI X interrupts. Usage mlnxperftuner h Mellanox Performance tuner V1. lspci grep i Mellanox 02 00. or Best Offer. arm. 1 This only works on machines where the APIC uses logical destination mode. output before 124 0 00000001 125 0 00000002 126 0 00000004 127 0 00000008 128 0 00000010 129 0 00000020 130 0 00000040 output after 124 cpu 0 0 00000001 125 cpu Mellanox 1 0 00000002 126 cpu Mellanox 2 0 00000004 127 cpu Mellanox 3 0 00000008 128 cpu Manuals and free instruction guides. sh lt numa node gt lt interface gt j. if your streamer is a PC find a NIC from the Mellanox ConnectX adapter family. Bit i in lt hexadecimal bit mask gt indicates whether processor core i is in lt irq vector gt s affinity or not. 94 ff. org gt torvalds AT linux foundation. sh socket ethN Chelsio sbin t4_perftune. PCI Do not disable bridge BARs when assigning bus resources bsc 1051510 . 556 MHz bin optbin data var optdata OS name Linux license linux kernel platform mellanox fix potential deadlock in the tmfifo driver bsc 1136333 jsc SLE 4994 . Copy sent to Debian Kernel Team lt debian kernel lists. CPU load IRQ sharing over all cores chkconfig irqbalance off service irqbalance stop Mellanox set_irq_affinity. What is IRQ Affinity Performance Tuning for Mellanox Adapters Dynamically Tuned Interrupt Moderation DIM What is Interrupt Moderation Interrupt moderation in networking is any action that changes the 1 1 ratio between packets and interrupts. 7 Mellanox Technologies Description On machines with irqbalancer daemon turned off the default Ethernet inter rupts will be routed to a single core which may cause overload and software hardware lock ups. Run Mellanox IRQ script usr sbin set_irq_affinity_bynode. centos. x86_64 mockbuild x86 01. gt gt gt gt irqbalance daemon can 39 t cover managed interrupts or you mean IRQ affinity mask. rdmphoto. Find the user manual. Network cards need to exchange information with the kernel. The equivalent GOMP_CPU_AFFINITY for the KMP_AFFINITY I gave above would be export GOMP_CPU_AFFINITY 39 0 2 4 6 39 3. Mellanox Technologies Ltd. USB musb fix idling for suspend after disconnect interrupt bsc 1051510 . x x the driver uses affinity hints API that allows the irqbalance service to set the affinity automatically. A UAR User Access Region can have size identical to a system page or can be fixed 4KB depending on a value queried by firmware. Updated the mlx4 driver for Mellanox ConnectX HCA InfiniBand devices to version 1. l. It will allows Linux CPU scheduler to better distribute load among available CPUs. I have configured smp_affinity and disable the irqbalance service. Added allocation success verification process to ib_alloc_device. The apcupsd service was causing irq affinity exhaustion messages to appear in the kernel logs on the bionic platform. If you have at least two network adapters in a NIC Team you do not need to designate a Standby adapter for fault tolerance. 2 note this hardware software or test suite product product s and its related documentation are provided by mellanox technologies as is with all faults of any kind and solely for the purpose of aiding the customer in testing applications that use the products in designated solutions. 1020 Topology Both systems connected to Dell Z9100 100Gbps ON Top of Rack El errata ELSA 2018 3083 Important Oracle Linux 7 kernel security bug fix and enhancement update Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el errata at oss. For example I ll take a server with accel ppp 6Gb s traffic 500K pps nat with ipoe and 6000 kernel git tip tip Pull irq updates from Thomas Gleixner amp quot This is the second attempt after the first one failed miserably and got zapped to unblock the rest of the interrupt related pat 3 main levels for tuning CPU BIOS tuning Power P states and C states Hyper threading Frequency Turbo mode Governance Termal mode Further reading OS tuning CPU NUMA affinity IRQ Affinity Swapines However work with Internet connections can still be speeded up by means of using IRQ coalescing setting by processing the TCP IP hardware based stack on the Ethernet TOE adapter by using kernel bypass approach Onload Netmap PF_RING DPDK or by processing TCP IP on the GPU with remapping Netmap into GPU UVA using Intel Ethernet card. Note It is recommended to set each IRQ to a different core. The following settings will distribute the IRQs across all the cores evenly 3 set IRQ affinity so that it would go to correct numa node on t620 set_irq_affinity_bynode. 1 Generator usage only set_irq_affinity_bynode. set_irq_affinity. Change Affinity with Bitmask You could also use masks given in hexadecimal Affinity is represented as a bitmask given as hexadecimal with the lowest order bit corresponding to the first logical CPU and the highest order bit corresponding to the last logical socket CPU 0 0x00000001 CPU 1 0x00000002 CPU 2 0x00000004 CPU 3 0x00000008 Hello all I am using a cluster of machines running Debian 5. However smp_affinity is not always consistent with proc interrupts for me and I have no idea why. 0 Network controller Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family ConnectX 3 Mellanox Infiniband SR IOV Tech Preview. I also noticed that my GPU 39 s interrupts were happening on CPU0. org gcc version 4. Interrupt core binding optimization. Thomas Gleixner posted irq updates for 4. 350 Oakmead Parkway Suite 100 Beit Mellanox Sunnyvale CA 94085 PO Box 586 Yokneam 20692 U. el7. 30 with kernel 3. 0 Release 19. Update Rockchip support for max link speed. The following are the minimal software firmware versions that support PAM4 link speeds when connected using Mellanox NIC to Mellanox Switch and Mellanox NIC to 3rd Party Switches Mellanox Onyx 3. To reduce its OS jitter do one of the following 1. it Mellanox iperf Today I ran into a situation where gluster was stuck. Every IRQ source in Linux has an entry in proc irq directory. During the initialization the XGE NIC driver binds the interrupts in the RX and TX queues to different CPU cores. IRQ Affinity Hints . 32 754. Improve extensibility merge. 9 9 30 16 Test Environment Hosts Supermicro X10DRi DTNs Intel Xeon E5 2643v3 2 sockets 6 cores each CentOS 7. Security Fix es kernel net bluetooth type confusion while processing AMP packets CVE 2020 12351 kernel net bluetooth information leak when processing certain AMP packets CVE 2020 12352 For more details about the security issue s including the impact a CVSS score acknowledgments and other 8 GT s a. and Creative Commons CC BY SA. 1. 10 and with R80. on GitHub Need to set the CPU affinity Preferably use Process Lasso 39 s rules to create sticky CPU affinities that persist. By default irqbalance will automatically isolate the cores specified by the kernel command line parameter isolcpus. m 0 devm_request_irq irq cpu0 cpumask_set_cpu m affinity The IRQ core code irqchips. PCI pciehp Avoid returning prematurely from sysfs requests git fixes . Intel Xeon E5 2603v3 1. The machine is only able to push 60Gb in iperf due to maxing out CPU older slower xeon with FreeNas 11. IRQ affinity hints are now set when working in InfiniBand mode. if you have a Mellanox Ethernet further speed up out of the box kernel bypass SolarFlare amp Mellanox from approx 1 1. All experiments were performed on a platform with four Intel Xeon X7550 processors. h line 1515 as a function Signed off by Thomas Gleixner lt hidden email gt kernel irq manage. PCI Add DMA alias quirk for Intel VCA NTB bsc 1051510 . The same portal interrupt services all the QMan portal consumers. Reduce jitter from interrupt processing by changing the CPU affinity of the interrupts. This will be an intro to 1 a 2 day course I am negotiating with Queens U Belfast Jan 2017 amp 2 with NYU 9 week options ksocklndtx_buffer_size 1073741824 rx_buffer_size 1073741824 enable_irq_affinity 1. sh 1 eth0 after that 2 CPU load 100 CPU068 and CPU072 after that I change it again to 0 node set_irq_affinity_bynode. This can easily be done by running irqbalance. 26. This issue is resolved in this release. 4GBit s in a Dell R710. IRQ affinity. Since R80. org gt To linux kernel AT vger. Summary This release includes the kernel lockdown mode intended to strengthen the boundary between UID 0 and the kernel virtio fs a high performance virtio driver which allows a virtualized guest to mount a directory that has been exported on the host fs verity for detecting file tampering like dm verity but works on files rather than block On Sat 2016 08 13 at 13 42 0700 Guenter Roeck wrote gt On 08 13 2016 10 42 AM Ben Hutchings wrote gt gt gt gt This is the start of the stable review cycle for the 3. if your streamer is a PC also tune the TCP stack for low latency. sh 0 eth2 4. You cannot use the sim affinity or the fw ctl affinity commands to change and query the IRQ affinity of the Multi Queue interfaces. highlevel irq events handler if NULL __do_IRQ chip. 40 MQ is supported with This example shows how to This site is for customers who have purchased Netronome s Agilio SmartNICs and software products in 2015 and beyond. 1 Epoch 15 Summary QEMU is a machine emulator and virtualizer Description qemu kvm is an open source virtualizer that provides hardware emulation for the KVM hypervisor. g. 1 Package Contents Some HCA 39 s allocate multiple n MSI X vectors per HCA port. 4 Add support for VLAN trunking to Hyper V. Mellanox iperf Mellanox iperf Posted by guru567 interrupt affinity optimal setting PNG GIF JPG or BMP. For those customers who have APC UPS directly attached to their QuantaStor system the apcups service can be enabled for use via the 39 qs util apcupsenable 39 CLI command. PAUL VILLINSKI On Final for St. The purpose of this exercise was to evaluate the impact of IRQ binding and I O worker thread affinity on throughput characteristics. Check if your kernel is built with CONFIG_REGMAP_IRQ Y. txt or read online for free. improved IRQ balancing IO affinity ensures processing of a completed IO is handled by the same CPU that initiated the IO. However these optimizations are situational and can actually make latency worse in some cases. 97 ff IRQ Affinity Hints Multi Threaded IP Forwarding Tuning ConnectX 3 Connect X 3 Pro Optimized Steering 1. f2fs remove percpu_count due to performance regression f2fs hide a maybe uninitialized warning PCI Add Mellanox device IDs PCI Convert broken INTx masking quirks from HEADER to FINAL PCI Convert Mellanox broken INTx quirks to be for listed devices only PCI Support INTx masking on ConnectX 4 with firmware x. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. This is less recommended as in most cases only the lower CPU cores e. I found that although the virtual machine shows multiple queues in proc interrupts only one queue is actually available. sh lt interface or Eth device gt 2nd interface or Eth device Mellanox mlnx_tuning_scripts. qemu kvm acts as a virtual machine monitor together with the KVM kernel modules and emulates the hardware for a full system such as a PC and its Allow host IRQ sharing for assigned PCI 2. 0 OFED 4. there is a mismatch between the GUID value Please use the GUID value returned by the fabreturned Mellanox What is IRQ Affinity irqbalance smp_affinity CPU NUMA node Check our new training course. Alexey Ivanov. 556 MHz bin optbin data var optdata OS name Linux license linux kernel backtrace 4 306 bytes BUG soft lockup CPU 1 stuck for 21s kworker u32 56 14716 Modules linked in fuse xt_CHECKSUM ipt_MASQUERADE nf_nat_masquerade_ipv4 tun ip6t_rpfilter ip6t_REJECT ipt_REJECT xt_conntrack ebtable_nat ebtable_broute bridge stp llc ebtable_filter ebtables ip6table_nat nf_conntrack_ipv6 nf_defrag_ipv6 nf_nat_ipv6 ip6table_mangle ip6table_security ip6table_raw ip6table IRQ Affinity Configuration . Keywords MFT Ubuntu operating system Discovered in Release 4. gz Atom feed top 2020 12 10 19 25 patch 00 30 genirq Treewide hunt for irq descriptor abuse and assorted fixes Thomas Gleixner 2020 12 10 19 25 patch 01 30 genirq Move irq_has_action into core code Thomas Gleixner 2020 12 10 19 25 patch 02 30 __irq_set_affinity call was added to irq_set_affinity_hint in this commit. 44 stop time 22. show_irq_affinity. sh 0 ib0 we are assuming that ib0 is close to NUMA 0 and the cpumask for ib0 is ff raio_server a 11. This variable accepts comma separate values specified either individually or in a range. All I have connected two computers with Mellanox 40gbe. Any help appreciated regards gangaraju. These machines have dual Intel Xeon E5530 2. We detailed the available kernel bypass techniques allowing user space programs to receive packets with high throughput. c index 8069237. NUMA IRQ affinity automatically. Hi Amit A couple of other things worth noting on top of what Pete has said if you want your IRQ_handler_to_specific_device to be written in C . c b kernel irq manage. fwd fgd50 status_proxy rad cpstat_monitor mpdaemon cpsead cserver rtmd fwm cpsemd cpca cprid cpd. Get the IRQ numbers for the relevant port. I used this same script to help balance between my raid card and Infiniband card. mediatek add RX IRQ delay support commit. sh 4. 75 s. 96 ff. 5 Jan 1 2015 lt mlx4_ib gt mlx4_ib_add mlx4_ib Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand driver v2. So what it has boiled down to ultimately is IRQ affinity. This is part of a movement of several ESnet sponsored software projects including iperf3 from various SCMs and services onto a single platform. effective_affinity The effective IRQ affinity on SMP as some irq chips do not allow multi CPU destinations. I am trying to find some step by step instruction on how to gpio tegra186 Don 39 t set parent IRQ affinity Jonathan Neusch fer 2 scripts jobserver exec Fix a typo quot envirnoment quot platform mellanox mlxbf tmfifo Fix a your rules must be programmatically expressed for instance you can just hide struct irq_desc and irq_to_desc in kernel irq and remove them from include linux header files if you want privacy in your subsystem don 39 t put all your header files on display under include linux. 27. PCI switchtec Fix vep_vector_number ioread width bsc 1051510 . pointer to timer rand state struct kstat_irqs. The kernel reschedules v7 1 9 soc Add TmFifo driver for Mellanox BlueField Soc expand v7 1 9 soc Add TmFifo driver for Mellanox BlueField Soc v7 2 9 arm64 Add Mellanox BlueField SoC config option On Fri May 21 2021 at 8 03 AM Thomas Gleixner lt tglx linutronix. mlnxperftuner view Usage2 . img 2016 05 31 18 04 19 Linux 5. 1 it does not work too I have changed only ethernet and sas driver proc interrupts 47 8829892 0 PCI MSI edge mlx4 comp 0 0000 04 00. The Netronome Legacy Support Site ensures seamless support for existing customers who have deployed Netronome Flow Processor solutions prior to 2015. PCI MSI Return ENOSPC from pci_alloc_irq_vectors_affinity bsc 1051510 . de gt wrote gt gt The discussion about removing the side effect of irq_set_affinity_hint of Now verify that no threaded handlers are active. iommu with this irq handle_irq. I d like to configure the IRQ affinity masks such that interrupts IRQs from the GPUs in a particular NUMA node are delivered to DPAA IRQ Affinity and Receive Side Scaling Traffic coming on the DPAA Rx queues or on the DPAA Tx confirmation queues is seen by the CPU as ingress traffic on a certain portal. Please see the script s help text for further options. The Mellanox ConnectX 3 40Gbps Ethernet NIC attached to the processor 0 Node 0 a detailed description appears in the Table 1. mvpp2 enable basic 10G support commit There are other small tweaks that can be done to help reduce latency such as MSI mode GPU cache write combining process scheduling quantum modes interrupt CPU affinity processor idle states and IRQ sharing. org stable Greetings Sometime in the near future I will be migrating the iperf3 project from Google Code to GitHub. 00. through on line seminars. 5 uSec io use EF_VI API for SolarFlare or VERBS for Mellanox lower latencies by approx another 200 nanoseconds. Example If the system has 2 adapters on the same NUMA node 0 7 each with 2 interfaces run the follow ing mlnx_affinity start mlnx_affinity stop mlnx_affinity restart RUN_AFFINITY_TUNER yes set_irq_affinity_cpulist. yaml and the irq affinity script for the NIC CPU 0 is never used. geod in. sh lt cpu list gt lt interface gt lt cpu list gt can be either a comma separated list of single core numbers 0 1 2 3 or core Page 220 Irq Affinity Multi_Rss Affin. Get the latest driver Please enter your product details to view the latest driver information for your system. sh ens6 2 weeks all was fine. Helps to change the node for a few minutes set_irq_affinity_bynode. 6 was released on Sun 15 May 2016. com MLNX_EN for Linux User Manual Rev 2. el6 panic. To choose between the calculators just click on the title bar for the conversion required. Step occurs 7813 7814 bytes user data. show_irq_affinity. For some reason I 39 m not seeing userspace output dev console even though the ACPI node for the console was picked up uart0 lt PrimeCell UART PL011 gt iomem 0x12600000 0x12600fff irq 1 on acpi0 uart0 console 115200 n 8 1 uart0 fast interrupt uart0 PPS capture mode DCD 2. Using OpenMP 4. Quoting myself 39 most probably the best idea is to switch from static IRQ affinity set at boot by armbian hardware optimization to a daemon that analyzes IRQ situation every minute and adopts then dynamically the best strategy 39 . To show the current irq affinity settings SMP IRQ Affinity. libmlx4 and libmlx5 Improved message rate of short massages. wait_event desc gt wait_for_threads atomic_read amp desc gt threads_active EXPORT_SYMBOL synchronize_irq ifdef CONFIG_SMP cpumask_var_t irq_default_affinity irq_can_set_affinity Check if the affinity of a given irq can be set irq Interrupt to check int irq_can_set This commit adds the TmFifo platform driver for Mellanox BlueField Soc. Explain strengths and advantages of each advise what specific electronic trading applications would best benefit from each. There are some minor checkpatch warnings that will be fixed for V1 2. ismail intel. Do not change the IRQ affinity of queues manually. 0 Mellanox Technologies 5 1 Introduction Depending on the application of the user 39 s system it may be necessary to modify the default con The driver uses irq_set_affinity_hint to set the affinity for the PMU interrupts which relies on the undocumented side effect that this function actually sets the affinity under the hood. In brief every hardware event that occurs on your system is processed via a hardware interrupt . sh 3. 0 At this point we don t know how to assign these interrupts to any core other than Core 0. I would like to see if this adapter also requires the BAR space expansion that the GPU required see 2 and also whether I can see all four interfaces over the PCIe x1 2. We also give you details about the Standby adapter setting and the Primary team interface property. The corresponding hex value is 3. I 39 ve set IRQ affinity in the past on Linux by setting values to the proc files. next prev parent reply index Thread overview 74 messages expand flat nested mbox. The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel the core of any Linux operating system. NIC the proc interrupt counters increment for each core for the IRQ and not for the single core I set it for. Acknowledgement. I think you undestood me. graham ntlworld. MSI descriptor handler_data Maor Gottlieb lt maorg mellanox. 2. 4 Move the Hyper V storage driver out of the staging area. Also add device specific attributes and register definitions. The GMRs emulate physical Affinity based SLA based Single OS Hypervisor. 7 20120313 Red Hat 4. Contribute to microsoft azure linux kernel development by creating an account on GitHub. as far as I can tell every IRQ has a spurious file which reads some thing like cat spurious count 20 unhandled 0 last_unhandled 0 ms Post back with what your spurious file reads perhaps set up some sort of watch dog or log for the IRQ. We are hiring for both FTEs and interns. Both having Samsung 970 SSDs gt gt gt Yes if all CPUs of the NUMA node is offlined IRQ CPU affinity will be gt gt gt broken and irqbalancer takes care of migrating affected IRQs to online gt gt gt CPUs of different NUMA node. mellanox what is irq affinity x In case the IRQ affinity is not tuned it mapped differently. mvmdio add xmdio xsmi support commit. 0. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the date listed. WA Execute the following script as root set_irq_affinity. core One or more CPU core numbers on which to apply the command. 952977 smpboot CPU 2 is now offline 15680. Intel has set_irq_affinity. List the common network topologies and routing engines 4. 2 1. x86_64 and I was having a high load issue that I traced back to having a high number of interrupts and context switches. I am trying to connect a client windows 10 computer to a windows server 2016 with mellanox MCX314A BCCT cards but getting bad speeds. sys. lecture and lab materials The driver uses irq_set_affinity_hint to set the affinity for the PMU interrupts which relies on the undocumented side effect that this function actually sets the affinity under the hood. struct cpumask m 0 __irq_set_affinity affinity 0 affinity irq cpu . show_irq_affinity. CPU0 CPU1 will be used and congested due to high volume of interrupts while the higher CPUs will not get to answer interrupts. platform x86 hp wmi Fix ACPI errors caused by passing 0 as input size bsc 1051510 . I O APIC may use different routing policies other than simply hardcoding a bitmask maybe it has something to do with that. 12 Don 39 t ignore path MTU icmp messages with a zero mtu machines out t here still spit them out and all of our per protocol handlers for PMTU can cope with it just fine. 9. your rules must be programmatically expressed for instance you can just hide struct irq_desc and irq_to_desc in kernel irq and remove them from include linux header files if you want privacy in your subsystem don 39 t put all your header files on display under include linux. 3 system to a tuned 100g enabled system. This wiki is being migrated to the Linux Foundation Real Time Linux Project hosted wiki. h handles the IRQ enable disable edge selection and wakeup enable disable for the pin Thomas Gleixner Pin control and pin multiplexing is the subject addressed by the pin Help Mellanox ConnectX4 100gb throughput I have a home lab with two 8 core 2. Out of the box throughput performance in Ubuntu14. My impression was that that road had it bumps. this article will help you tune your nic cards for low latency Here is an example of limiting that same irq 44 to cpus 1024 to 1031 root moon 44 echo 1024 1031 gt smp_affinity_list root moon 44 cat smp_affinity_list 1024 1031 Note that to do this with a bitmask would require 32 bitmasks of zero to follow the pertinent one. com gt Implement device initialization routines interrupt set up and allocate object bit map tracking structures. Commit message is pretty explanatory. 2004 Receiver Side Scaling in multi core servers Woo and Park 2012 or DPDK Corporation 2016 . 3 1. 0 Runtime Controls Stack Overflow Public questions amp answers Stack Overflow for Teams Where developers amp technologists share private knowledge with coworkers Jobs Programming amp related technical career opportunities Many features are still missing from the driver but all the basic functionalities are there already. you can add quot n nproc quot to open thread per cpu default is 6 threads Client Configuration Set IRQ affinity according to NUMA topology Interrupt coalescing set according to workload Turn on TCP SACK on net. These are the top rated real world Python examples of ethtool. Simply disabling 39 irqbalance 39 is a simple way to do this. Unless you set CONFIG_AUTO_IRQ_AFFINITY and implement your own irq_select_affinity thus you will get the default one which copies the content of this global irq_default_affinity to the interrupt. 92 ff. 19. While it was originally developed as part of Red Hat Content Accelerator it is now a generic and independent kernel feature. Real time processes have strict scheduling requirements. 95 ff. com keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website 1 mellanox dpdk quick start guide. A. I m trying to make sure I m getting maximum throughput between the machines using ib_send_bw and bidirectional I m getting about 165 gbits where I would expect closer to 190. DPAA2 Data Path Acceleration Architecture Gen2 Overview Mellanox ConnectX R mlx5 Things seem to be working beautifully. For example Mellanox usr sbin set_irq_affinity_bynode. The Mellanox package comes with a shell script that was helpful in resetting the affinity. pl boot. 0 35. An intelligent network interface card INIC or communication processing device CPD works with a host computer for data communication. static irqreturn_t fimc_irq_handler int irq void dev_id struct fimc_context ctx dev_id 1780 6 1763 24 static int fimc_remove struct platform_device pdev Each interrupt listed in the proc interrupts file has a subdirectory in the proc irq tree. Single stream Iperf around 5 gbit sec and up to around 12 gbit sec maximum using 8 threads. Implement gact trap TC action offload commit commit commit commit. com Sorry An unexpected error has occurred. www. IB mlx5 Support setting Ethernet priority for Raw Packet QPs majd mellanox. com gt This establishes a solid naming conventions for UARs. Keith Mannthey Posted by Christoph Hellwig Apr 15 2016 6 40 PM kernel pci_alloc_irq_vectors_affinity architectures aarch64 x86_64 kernel pci_alloc_irq_vectors_affinity linux packages rpm 2009 2021 Packages Search for Linux and Unix Output of quot fw ctl affinity l r v quot command shows that some interfaces are also assigned to CPU 2 and CPU 3 Expert HostName 0 fw ctl affinity l r v CPU 0 eth2 irq 83 CPU 1 eth3 irq 59 CPU 2 eth1 irq 75 temain CPU 3 eth0 irq 67 temain CPU 4 fw_3 CPU 5 fw_2 CPU 6 fw_1 CPU 7 fw_0 All in. In the case below 36 worker threads are used out of NUMA node 1 s CPU af packet runmode with cluster type cluster_qm. 222. Date Description 1. 974 layout version 1. Re E1000 devel IRQ affinity hint not working for 82598EB for driver ixgbe version 3. 332 layout version 1. 2 OS. Keywords IPoIB The kernel affinity_hint values were created to work around this issue. Ensure that irq affinity is spread across all cores. oracle. 20. 999. 3 install. html linux scsi Lots of the low latency options require driver and Hardware cooperation busy polling BQL essentially all of the ethtool options even the IRQ affinity. Move IRQs from core 6 set affinity to lock udpmon to core 6node 1. Requirements If this is an IPI related irq then this is the mask of the CPUs to which an IPI can be sent. to bind the interrupts properly. prev in list next in list prev in thread next in thread List linux kernel Subject Re RFC clustered apic irq affinity fix for i386 From Andrew Morton lt akpm digeo com gt Date 2003 04 30 23 36 37 Download RAW message or body Keith Mannthey lt kmannth us. kernel. So he knows that he 13 Rev 1. bsys. We write this number 3 in the file proc irq 30 smp_affinity echo 3 gt proc irq 30 smp_affinity On the receiver side we have carried out the necessary tuning of the operating system to guarantee proper operation at full throughput checking IRQ interrupt request and CPU affinity Mellanox 2018 b setting real time scheduler attributes of the control process and increasing the network buffer size. 29 s. Defined in 1 files as a prototype include linux pci. 0 Ethernet controller Mellanox Technologies MT27520 Family ConnectX 3 Pro Esnet recommends using the latest device driver from Mellanox rather than the one that comes with CentOS 7. Let 39 s you tune IRQ Affinity and pin to specific CPU cores. Speeds up to 28. 9 has been released on Sun 11 Dec 2016. Mellanox ConnectX 3. If not you will not be able to map IRQs to CPUs. Move msix array from eq_table struct to priv since its not related to eq_table Intorduce irq_info struct to hold all irq information Move name from mlx5_eq to irq_info struct since it is irq property. 1. A series of files ranging in size from 512MB to 500GB were timed as they were transferred from one server to another across the 40Gb Ethernet link and written to external storage on the other end. IRQ affinity is not set properly by the irq_balancer March 2017 Mellanox Technologies 3368 Performance Tuning Guidelines for Mellanox Network Adapters This document is obsolete and has been archived. 4 ghz Xeon servers with two ConnectX 4 100gb single port cards and mellanox qsfp cable. In that directory the file smp_affinity contains data that describes what core handles the interrupt. I know the docs say The value of the smp_affinity setting is a bitmask of all CPU 39 s that are permitted as a resource for the given IRQ. The inner for loop would run operf while conducting an iperf3 reverse TCP zero copy test binding the receiver to a given core and then report the results. Kirqd will enforce the affinity requested by the user. IRQ balancing now works correctly and the affinity_hint values are now ignored by default not to distort the irqbalance functionality. 62 trusty urgency low Joseph Salisbury Release Tracking Bug LP 1357148 Brad Figg Start new release dann frazier SAUCE no up Fix build failure on arm64 LP 1353657 debian Allow for package revisions condusive for branching David Henningsson SAUCE Call broadwell specific Class Exercise we will do together in class Explain different approaches to kernel bypass of following ExaBlaze SolarFlare Mellanox Enyx . when i tried to bind IRQ processing to specific CPU or number of CPUs by setting up smp_affinity affinity value getting changed but within secs the sysetm randomly chaging with some other values. Set IRQ interrupt request affinity refer to What is IRQ Affinity 4. 56 GbE is a Mellanox propriety link speed and can be achieved while connecting a Mellanox adapter cards to Mellanox SX10XX switch series or connecting a Mellanox adapter card to another Mellanox adapter card. start affinity 0x0000000000055500 notepad. For example the settings for IRQ 40 is irq_affinity_write_proc currently directly calls set_ioapic_affinity which writes to the ioapic. 1answer 148 views Rebooting into the old kernel version 3. Defined in 3 files as a function drivers pci msi. 0 irq 26 for MSI MSI X alloc irq_desc for 27 on The reason for this IRQ Affinity. Access type Read only. 1100 PCI On Wed May 8 2013 at 11 23 AM Anand Raj Manickam lt anandrm gmail com gt wrote gt gt Hi gt gt Sorry about re posting this as i did not find solution gt gt gt gt I m facing ID 29952 Package Name qemu kvm Version 4. Default core binding. Intel IOMMU 08 10 DMAR fault handling support From anil . 2008 Note NICs with this firmware version support Mellanox to Mellanox connectivity with PAM4 link speeds. Device system and method of distributing messages Victoria merge_hi3660_defconfig. Linux guests can now configure multiple VLANs using a single synthetic NIC on a Windows 8 Hyper V host. 0 FW version 16. Manual Multi Queue is configured manually according to the user. Usage1 . 1 1547200 Description Fixed an issue where IPoIB Tx queue may get stuck leading to timeout warnings in dmesg. 6. It is recommended that IRQ affinity with four CPU cores be set for each NIC. h line 1490 as a prototype . Expert MyGW 0 fw ctl affinity l a v r. 1 rc2 Powered by Code Browser 2. sh OS EulerOS irqbalance systemctl start polkit Mellanox Technologies 350 Oakmead Parkway Suite 100 Sunnyvale CA 94085 U. 5 Gbit s from 43 Gbit s. 1q to switch between Loop and Local VLANs LAN had 54usec RTT But if one PCIe device Ethernet GPU connected to the NUMA 0 and other PCIe device connected to the NUMA 1 then it would be optimal to use interrupts on those NUMA nodes CPU to which these devices are connected to avoid high latency communication between nodes Is CPU access asymmetric to Network card Mellanox mlnx_tuning_scripts. Operation System Status. Ethernet net device 100g Network Adapter Tuning DRAFT out for comments send email to preese stanford. System Dell R810 4 CPUs Xeon E74820 251GB Ram 2x Dual 10GBit Intel 82599ES SFP in slots 3 4 moving Chelsio is one of the leaders for High Speed Low Latency 10GE Adapters. sh 0 eth0 and almost a day all fine until the evening peaks. Then enter the CPU you want in the The way the driver handles this is to allocate memory from the node which is local to the CPU on which the IRQ is handled. com Tel 408 970 3400 Tel 972 0 4 909 7200 972 0 74 723 7200 Fax 408 970 3403 Fax 972 0 4 959 3245 Copyright 2012. amp 8230 Arista Networks Cisco Dell Mellanox partners . Elixir Cross Referencer Explore source code in your browser Particularly useful for the Linux kernel and other low level projects in C C bootloaders C This causes a non optimal IRQ set_irq_affinity. msd fwd rad mpdaemon usrchkd 1 http www mellanox com gt Products gt Software gt InfiniBandDrivers iso IBM OEM 39 ed QLogic switches at some point in time and used Mellanox HCAs. Mellanox Technologies 350 Oakmead Parkway Suite 100 Sunnyvale CA 94085 U. Driver IRQ Affinity Assignments The HFI1 host driver uses IRQ affinity assignments to distribute the CPU workload for SDMA engine interrupts kernel receive queue interrupts and the general interrupt. 951832 intel_pstate CPU 2 exiting 15680. Allow INTx masking on Mellanox devices that support it. Micha Miros aw 3 staging wfx add proper quot compatible quot string staging wfx fix init remove vs IRQ race staging wfx annotate nested gc_list vs tx queue locking Mike Gilbert 1 cpupower avoid multiple definition with gcc fno common Mike Marciniszyn 1 RDMA core Ensure security pkey modify is not lost Naohiro Aota 1 mm swapfile The following switch hardware is supported by the mlxsw driver Mellanox SwitchX 2 Sets the default irq affinity mask. tcp_sack Old Mellanox IB tuning script turned off but OSS had both IB and Ethernet interfaces Symptom was conflicting iperf tests sometimes 9Gb s then 1Gb s. I propose the following patch to tie the proc affinity writes into the same code path as kirqd. Elixir Cross Referencer. IRQNum. Avoid embedded NIC into common Dell HP servers like these one that are very bad regarding their maximum packets per second performance The Proxmox team works very hard to make sure you are running the best software and getting stable updates and security enhancements as well as quick enterprise support. Mellanox Technologies Inc. 12 May 2014 Added the following sections IRQ Affinity Hints Receive Side Scaling RSS and its subsections Receive Packet Steering RPS Updated the following sections IRQ Affinity Configuration Mellanox userland tools and scripts. GitHub Gist instantly share code notes and snippets. 7 1 0 0. So as a final test as Mellanox driver package provide scripts to set IRQ affinity for mellanox interfaces I tried fixing it and retesting. . This is the top level of the kernel s documentation tree. Operation is as simple as entering the Affinity Mask value in decimal via the keypad provided. split_bootimg. For best performance practices please refer to the quot Performance Tuning Guide for Mellanox Network Adapters quot . 2 It looks like the existing GPIO driver does not support assigning interrupts to any other core than CPU0 is this correct 3 If so why are GP RX is either handled in soft IRQ or in the same reactor context CPU NUMA affinity assignments for I O threads Mellanox ConnectX 4 LX A new sub parameter managed_irq for the boot option isolcpus and the corresponding logic in the interrupt affinity selection code has been added this mechanism ensures that as long as one housekeeping CPU is online in the assigned affinity mask the interrupt is routed to a housekeeping CPU commit. tuned adm profile network throughput cpupower frequency set governor performance . Possible CPU affinity IRQ affinity and TCP IP optimizations Use LVM2 to create a cached logical volume for optimizing disk I O Samba usage over this type of interconnect Windows Server 2012 or later and Windows 10 integration with SMB direct I m using the Jetson AGX as a root port and a Xilinx dev board as PCIe endpoint. Mellanox Technologies System Report . In case the IRQ affinity is not tuned it mapped differently. I will give an example of the distribution of interrupt network interfaces on the processor cores. Pin the adapter s IRQs to specific cores by disabling the irqbalance service and using the included set_irq_affinity script. Home Engineering Training Docs Python get_module 15 examples found. gt gt I 39 ll get back with gt info from 3. If the CPU s NUMA set up is as follows Is your setup tuned according to Mellanox tuning guide with regard to IRQ affinity performance profile of the server both in BIOS and in the OS eg. 0 48 0 0 PCI MSI edge mlx4 comp 1 0000 04 00. Collaborate with Mellanox. In this topic we give you an overview of the NIC Team properties such as teaming and load balancing modes. power states and performance profile within the OS . 4. com gt wrote gt gt Hello all gt Machines with clustered apics are buggy when it This bug was fixed in the package linux 3. get_module extracted from open source projects. With hardware kTLS offload we 39 re able to serve about 350Gb s of real customer traffic. 0 Last Modified October 07 2013 Mellanox Technologies 350 Oakmead Parkway Suite 100 Sunnyvale CA 94085 U. 2 hostid a8c02b38 cpu_cnt 1 cpu speed 2394. From RTwiki. Changing the IRQ affinity of the queues manually can adversely affect performance. Each OSD node has a single port Mellanox ConnectX 3 Pro 10 40 56GbE Adapter showing up as ens2 in CentOS 7. This is usually done through a data structure called a ring current maximum size of that ring viewed via ethtool g From Eli Cohen lt eli mellanox. They must run every X micro mili seconds and complete thirty job otherwise their function will be damaged. com gt New Bug report received and forwarded. XGE CPU 16 16rx 16tx CPU 0 31 Mellanox iperf. 42 00. I ordered a Intel I340 T4 PCIe x4 4 port Gigabit Network Adapter specs and am waiting for it to arrive. SaveTheRbtz set_irq_affinity. With this update irqbalance is now capable of parsing all information about an IRQ provided by the sysfs function. So interrupt 12 corresponds to the directory proc irq 12. 23 9 27 16 Benchmarking vs. 14 p 5555 c ff t rdma f 0 you can add quot e 1 quot flag to run the server in polling mode instead of in interrupt mode. One thing for sure you must make sure the Mellanox firmware in the HCAs are configured to run IBTA link initialization. sh mlx5_0 show_cpu_number Note without the show_cpu_number flag the output will be as it was. sh eth6 95 00000010 96 00000020 97 00000010 98 00000020 99 00000010 Check our new online training Stuck at home All Bootlin training courses. The list delimiter is a comma. In this example we are instructing the interrupt with IRQ number 142 to run on CPU 0 only To achieve expected performance by tweaking the IRQ affinity consider few important parameters like Linux handling of the server topology NIC driver stack default settings and irqbalance setting. 4 uname r 2. Disable IRQ balance Command systemctl disable irqbalance. c line 1213 as a function include linux pci. Define the architecture and features of the common topologies and routing engines 4. No extra parameter is set. 1 However I noticed that when I do this on an system that uses MSI X for the device PCIe that I want to set affinity for e. config as soon as it boots finally. How to enable VF Windows 2012R2 may generate a Blue Screen crash DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL when attempting to install Mellanox drivers for ConnectX 3 Pro. 4 install versus the 6. 1 SuperSpeedPlus 10 Gbps the new distributed file system OrangeFS a more reliable out of memory handling support for Intel memory protection keys a facility to make easier and faster implementations of application layer protocols support for 802. qemu kvm acts as a virtual machine monitor together with the KVM kernel modules and emulates the hardware for a full system such as a PC and its The LPIC 2 Exam Prep The LPIC 2 Exam Prep 6th edition for version 4. Notes 1. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. Mellanox Technologies March 2015 February 2017 2 years. Of course CPUs in one node can talk to GPUs in the other but the bandwidth is less. 44 stop time 23. com Tel 408 970 3400 Fax 408 970 3403 Mellanox Technologies Ltd. 0 with QEMU 2. Is there something more I need to know than CPU0 and CPU1 Thanks for the help or the appropriate RT FM referring to the manual and not the phrase Jeff Mellanox iperf bdst. Intel seems to have problem for managing lot 39 s of PPS IRQ . el8 Epoch 15 Summary QEMU is a machine emulator and virtualizer Description qemu kvm is an open source virtualizer that provides hardware emulation for the KVM hypervisor. BZ1093441 BZ1093440 No IRQ affinity tuning on System A and B Default Run data transfers with 20 parallel streams from System A to B Run tcpdump at System A to capture packet traces Experiment B Turn off the IRQ balancer on both System A and B Use Mellanox IRQ affinity tuning tools to spread NIC irqs to different cores MellanoxOFED Driver 3. From Majd Dibbiny lt mellanox. gt gt gt When offline CPUs are onlined again irqbalancer restores affinity. Send and receive IPIs based on CPU affinity address. debian. What would you like to do Embed This commit adds the TmFifo platform driver for Mellanox BlueField Soc. Produc on Host Secngs There are some setngs that will give you more consistent results for benchmarking but you may not want to run on a producDon DTN Benchmarking Use a speci c core for IRQs usr sbin set_irq_affinity_cpulist. receiver affinity Set receiver thread affinity to the given core id see cat proc cpuinfo . 5. The actual mapping of a completion vector to a particular CPU core is decided by the smp_affinity factor that is set at the system level for the corresponding interrupt request IRQ number. mlx4_core Mellanox ConnectX core driver v2. To do this you must first identify which interrupt request IRQ line is associated with your NIC by looking at the proc interrupts file. Contribute to Mellanox mlnx tools development by creating an account on GitHub. Name kcmtpd_ctr_ d Purpose Handle Bluetooth work. A subset of affinity. Specifying a deeper cache may allow a greater degree of flexibility for irqbalance to assign IRQ affinity to achieve greater performance increases but setting a cache depth too large on some systems specifically where all CPUs on a system share the deepest cache level will cause irqbalance to see balancing as unnecessary. 6GHz 6CPU Mellanox 2x40G Mellanox x40GChelsio nersc diskpt 7 NICs 2x40G Mellanox 1x40GChelsio 100G AofA aofa cr5 core router 100G 100G 1 0G MANLAN1 switch To Esnet Production Network 1 0G To Europe ANA Link ESnet 100G Testbed StarLight 100G switch 100G nersc diskpt 1 100G nersc ssdpt 1 nersc ssdpt 2 4x40GE 2x40GE nersc ssdpt 1 NICs 2x40G Mellanox ner sc dpt Posted 7 21 17 12 10 AM 2 messages But that 39 s not all. Kernel documentation like the kernel itself is very much a work in progress that is especially true as we work to integrate our many scattered documents into a coherent whole. Update R Car compatibility strings. Lytron Affinity FAA 032KDD47CAM1 Chiller 208 230 3 phase. Use two of your favorite 100Gb RNICs such as a Chelsio T62100 or a Mellanox CX5. org a friendly and active Linux Community. technology Description FreeBSD aarch64 on Packet c2. 32 runtime 48 remark size MB 2. sh OS EulerOS irqbalance systemctl start polkit Caused by commit db058a186f98 quot net mlx5_core Set irq affinity hints quot interacting with commit f36963c9d3f6 quot cpumask_set_cpu_local_first gt cpumask_local_spread lament quot from Linus 39 tree. Change the affinity of the IRQ 30 to the first 2 cores 0011 . 13. This can lead to deadlocks because it invokes flush_scheduled_work which ends up waiting for whole system workqueue to flush but some pending works might try to acquire the lock we are already holding. low level interrupt hardware access msi_desc. Kernel smp affinity Keep the Mellanox NIC driver queues to the processor cores where NIC s PCIe Lane is connected Move LSI Driver IRQ to the second processor Using Numa Control to bind FDT application to the second processor Change Kernel TCP IP parameters The MCE disappeared after switching from 32b kernel to 64b kernel. Ethernet net device Browse Source lib cpu_rmap avoid flushing all workqueues In some cases free_irq_cpu_rmap is called while holding a lock eg rtnl . 92 upstream stable release 1907160 intel hid is not loaded on new Intel platform 1902672 Support Advantech UNO 420 platform 1913263 Remove scary stack trace from Realtek WiFi driver 1914654 Focal update v5. To complement this high end quality cards you have to use good quality high end but very low latency from Blade Network Technologies BNT 1. 0 mlx4_core 0000 02 00. I have a throughput problem with 10GBit Ethernet interface cards in a Dell R810. . service irqbalance stop. 8M I O requests and ingesting 2. com Orabug 30479538 Set irq affinity hints Saeed Mahameed Orabug 30479538 DPAA IRQ Affinity and Receive Side Scaling Traffic coming on the DPAA Rx queues or on the DPAA Tx confirmation queues is seen by the CPU as ingress traffic on a certain portal. 3 General Known Issues Table 11 General Known Issues Index 1. 18. Top general date 2019 12 22 start time 22. x86_64 Mellanox ConnectX 4 EN VPI 100G NICs with ports in EN mode Mellanox OFED Driver 3. quot That actually tells that it happened and gives the administrator information why. Summary This release adds support for shared extents cp reflink support and copy on write support on XFS virtually mapped kernel stacks that make the kernel more reliable and secure a more efficient BPF profiler that brings Linux on part with Dtrace a new optional BBR TCP congestion control algorithm based on bandwidth measurements Several solutions are provided in high end data rate solutions to overcome this problem including IRQ affinity Mellanox 2018b interrupt coalescing Prasad et al. Helping you make the difference. Check the return value of irq_do_set_affinity for EBUSY which indicates a pending cleanup and rearm the pending move in the irq dexcriptor so it 39 s tried again when the next interrupt arrives. 4GHz CPUs which are quad core CPUs with hyperthreading. 16 groups of queues 16 RX queues 16 TX queues that correspond to a network port are bound to CPU cores 0 to 31. 961964 smpboot CPU 3 is now offline Optimization Principles. 29 Nov 17 13 Rev 1. ipv4. Bear in mind that even if IRQ mapping is enabled there may be hardware limitation preventing a particular IRQ from being remapped. View patches http vger. lustre3 tcp lustre lustre lustre defaults flock _netdev. 4 Tools It 39 s all about scheduling. large Lenovo HR330A Ampere eMAG 8180 32 core Skylark ARMv8 now with more stuff Fixed the apcupsd service is now disabled by default. Drop 14. For example each interrupt to all CPUs you will get something like quot FF quot while running the command quot show_irq_affinity quot . The user decides which CPU cores will be used for Multi Queue. Mellanox or Chelsio by mixing good chipset and excellent drivers are an excellent choice. . sh 0 eth2 Contribute and win prizes. Mellanox MMB7500 X86 Dual Core Chassis Management Module NEW. Configure common InfiniBand topologies and routing engines 4. org akpm AT linux foundation. Affinity determines what core processes that interrupt via the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller APIC . Check our new online training Stuck at home Interrupt affinity. com gt RDMA mlx5 Block delay drop to unprivileged users Leon Romanovsky lt leon kernel. timeout 600 In a previous post we discussed the performance limitations of the Linux kernel network stack. edu This note will detail suggestions for starting from a default Centos 7. 7 1. 1 9. lctlconf_paramlustre. 72 hostname mint183 domain virtualization virtualbox nodename mint183 model id x86_64 model innotek GmbH VirtualBox 1. As shown in Figure 8 2 run the . k. 5. One such vendor is Mellanox who provides a script called . The Intel l211 driver used for the on board NIC interfaces on the 3200 5000 15000 23000 appliance models are supported as well but watch out for this known issue sk114625 Multi Queue does not work on 3200 5000 15000 23000 Class Exercise we will do together in class Explain different approaches to kernel bypass of following ExaBlaze SolarFlare Mellanox Enyx . Binding IRQ s to a group of CPU s is a new feature of the 2. As of MLNX_OFED 2. Command cat proc interrupts grep lt ethx0 gt Example cat proc interrupts grep enp37s0. 03. Summary This release adds support for USB 3. Israel www. Linux 4. 3. Please refer to the following community page for the most current tuning guides Performance Tuning Guide Use the set_irq_affinity. 16. Acknowledgement sent to Graham Ramsey lt ramsey. Discussions and development of Linux SCSI subsystem. 960821 intel_pstate CPU 3 exiting 15680. 2. 0 49 0 0 PCI MSI edge mlx4 comp 2 0000 04 00. 0830 038 ConnectX 6 20. Check the return value of irq_do_set_affinity for EBUSY which indicates a pending cleanup and rearm the pending move in the irq dexcriptor so it 39 s tried again Date 2019 07 24 20 40 26 From unrelenting. Lustre Client mount options are specified in etc fstab. 04 is not optimal and may achieve results below the line rate in 40GE link speed. 5 ixgbe the Mellanox mlx5_core 40Gb driver which is used in the 15000 and 23000 series of appliance hardware. io_uring If the affinity is set on an inactive interrupt then Store it in the irq descriptors affinity mask Update the effective affinity to reflect that so user space has a consistent view Don 39 t call into the irq chip driver This is the core equivalent of the X86 workaround and works correctly because the affinity setting is established in the further speed up out of the box kernel bypass SolarFlare amp Mellanox from approx 1 1. 951961 Broke affinity for irq 43 15680. 944966 smpboot CPU 1 is now offline 15680. 4Gbit s. supporting RSS not only Mellanox. 3. 13 which includes Expand the generic infrastructure handling the irq migration on CPU hotplug and convert X86 over to it in preparation for cleaning up affinity management on blk multiqueue devices preventing interrrupts being moved around during hotplug by instead shutting down affine bluetooth bluetooth next bluetooth bluez Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux bluetooth bluez hcidump Bluetooth packet analyzer bluetooth obexd OBEX Server bluetooth sbc SBC library boot dracut dracut dracut Initramfs generator using udev boot efilinux efilinux The efilinux UEFI boot loader boot syslinux syslinux devel pahole pahole Pahole and Community. Is Joan 39 s pigpio rotary Encoder C library callable from python ctypes 0. Altogether it pushed throughput from 20 21Gb s to 22 23GB s but it 39 s still nowhere close to 40 Does anyone have any ideas what else can I try or what can be wrong Then on the receiver a nested for loop shell script modified the settings in proc irq lt irq of all rx queues gt smp_affinity such that all the receive queues were sent to the same core. s . 0 PCI INT A gt GSI 16 level low gt IRQ 16 mlx4_core 0000 02 00. org To instruct an IRQ to run on only one processor use the echo command to write the CPU mask as a hexadecimal number to the smp_affinity entry of the specific IRQ. You will probably need to cherry pick that change or move to newer kernel that already has it as irq_set_affinity_hint seems the only relevant exported function. msi_desc MSI descriptor ipi_offset Offset of first IPI target cpu in affinity. 0 bus or whether I can only see some of them. TCP Segmentation Offload Large Receive Offload Multi core NAPI support VLAN Tx Rx acceleration HW VLAN stripping insertion Ethtool support Net device statistics 1. mlnx_affinity start. On great interest to me is the TCP offloading and the iWARP capability of the Card. You 39 d need to think about pushing r0 r3 and r12 as these may be corrupted by the called function based on the AAPCS Pete alluded to this 1 How do customer 39 s control GPIO ISR affinity in SDK 2. 38 message different position of the serial port ttyS4 . IO affinity is turned on by default but it can From Greg KH lt gregkh AT linuxfoundation. Mellanox Technologies Rev 2. However if you want to start a program at a specific CPU affinity you can do so by using the Windows command prompt 39 s Start command. You could check info and status but nothing more spectacular. gz set_irq_affinity_cpulist. 4 kernel 2. Perhaps this is what you meant but this is straightforward. CPU 3 fw_4. 3 2. 1 GitHub Gist instantly share code notes and snippets. BIOS USB musb dma Correct parameter passed to IRQ handler bsc 1051510 . Last active Jan 20 2021. . irq_set_affinity_hint irq NULL to clear the affinity mask before releasing the irq. Alternatively you can also configure it to cooperate with 39 isolcpus 39 by using 39 FOLLOW_ISOLCPUS 39 . Not driver but the kernel. This goes down to about 240Gb s when using software kTLS due to memory bandwidth limits. Changing smp_affinity and detecting APIC destination mode Post by allan Mon Sep 23 2013 10 20 pm I 39 m running CentOS 6. 6 Gbit s. 8. Start mlnx_affinity service mlnx_affinity start For best performance practices please refer to the quot Performance Tuning Guide for Mellanox Network Adapters quot . The name should start with Mellanox Connect X 3 PRO VPI as illustrated in the following screenshot of network adapter properties. Is it a good practice to set interrupt affinity and io handling thread affinity to the same core program faq says February 9 2018 at 8 52 am went through why interrupt affinity with multiple cores is not such a good thing and learnt that NIC irq affinity should be set to a different core other then the core that I have successfully enable SR IOV on kvm for ConnectX 3 with KVM InfiniBand . Colleagues in Toutiao AI lab and networking teams. 0 3. s . Optimizations of the NIC port IRQ affinities settings are done with the knowledge of server topology disabling the irqbalance and using the NIC Description Fixed the issue where Mellanox Firmware Tools MFT package was missing from Ubuntu v18. From Mustafa Ismail lt mustafa. Now every evening the same picture today 100 load irq CPU004. 6Gb s between guest hosts by using the iperf tool but speeds up to 14Gb s between virtual machines. For this test we will disable irq_balance to verify that the aRFS functioning as expected. There are some ex QLogic people on this list which can correct me here. el6. Examples of such devices include Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet devices that use the bnx2 driver. 7 23 GCC 1 SMP Fri Jul 13 12 50 12 UTC 2018 Command line ro root dev xvda1 Mellanox A network interface controller NIC also known as a network interface card network adapter LAN adapter or physical network interface 1 and by similar terms is a computer hardware component that connects a computer to a computer network . Here is a view of the IRQ associated with my PCIe driver cat proc interrupts grep The Mellanox mlx4_core driver module has the following two parameters that control its MTT size and define the amount of memory that can be registered by the GPFS daemon. 93 ff. Update Broadcom iProc support for PAXB v2 PAXC v2 inbound DMA etc. Expect a 30 45 minute free session sponsored by a tech vendor I will lead by EOY in NYC. 943947 Broke affinity for irq 42 15680. 0 Mellanox Technologies 5 1 Introduction Depending on the application of the user 39 s system it may be necessary to modify the default con With Armbian we 39 re not entirely sure how to deal with IRQ affinity on RK3399 since user configurations differ. 1 improved IRQ balancing. Vendors usually provide scripts to do that e. Add Layerscape LS1046a support. I noticed that interrupts were happening on CPUs I 39 ve told my host not to use through the quot isolcpus quot kernel parameter. Tuning for NUMA Architecture 4. sh ens1. org vger lists. Computer 1 Threadripper 1950X with ConnectX 3 Pro EN MCX314A BCCT Running Windows 10 Computer 2 I7 4790K on Asus Z97WS motherboard with ConnectX 3 Pro EN MCX314A BCCT Running Windows Server 2016. USB serial ch341 handle unbound port at reset_resume bsc 1051510 . set_irq_affinity_cpulist. 0 Release 23. Sam Protsenko May 21 39 16 at 0 01 Patches for building an Azure tuned Linux kernel. Start auto Tuning Utility Command mlnx_affinity start. GERM rpi 2 Unable to change irq affinity. 11 runtime 27 remark size MB 3. 3. 70 hostname centos8 domain virtualization virtualbox nodename centos8 model id x86_64 model innotek GmbH VirtualBox 1. org Andrew Morton lt akpm AT linux foundation. pdf Text File . Data type uint32. 26 2 amd64. This was a HUGE item to improve performance. Use of affinity hints based on NUMA node of the device to indicate the IRQ balancer daemon on the optimal IRQ affinity Improvement in buffers allocation schema based on the hint above Improvement in the adaptive interrupt moderation algorithm. Does anyone have experience setting IRQ affinity masks for NVIDIA GPUs I have a NUMA system with two NUMA nodes of 6 cores each. 1 on your . Mellanox adapters for providing higher network bandwidth ment such as mode switching and IRQ acknowledgment. Software IRQ using a new irq ULPs can pass an optional affinity hint Provides support for Mellanox Signature extension to implement T10 PI The actual mapping of a completion vector to a particular CPU core is decided by the smp_affinity factor that is set at the system level for the corresponding interrupt request IRQ number. 0 327. 1020 Topology Both systems connected to Dell Z9100 100Gbps ON Top of Rack Switch Uplink to nersc tb1 ALU SR7750 Router running 100G loop to Starlight and back 92ms RTT 81 00. The script is contained Example show_irq_affinity. S. If the IRQ affinity masks of these interrupts have been configured such that each MSI X interrupt is handled by a different CPU then the comp_vector parameter can be used to spread the SRP completion workload over multiple CPU 39 s. 0 Ethernet controller Mellanox Technologies MT27700 Family usr sbin set_irq_affinity_bynode. 1 Generator usage only permitted with license. 91 upstream stable release 1913487 ls proc irq see all the IRQs ok. To enable SRP target driver 39 s internal thread you should load ib_srpt module with parameter quot thread 1 quot . gt Retrieve a pointer to the affinity mask itself and use that. Qualifiers WmiDataId 2 Interrupt request line number. sh eth lt x gt affinity. File must be at least 160x160px and less than 600x600px. sh Where quot ethN quot is the name of your ethernet device. For Sandy Bridge or AMD systems set the irq affinity to the adapter 39 s NUMA node For optimizing single port traffic run set_irq_affinity_bynode. Mellanox OFED MLNX_OFED is a Mellanox tested and packaged version of OFED and supports two interconnect types using the same RDMA remote DMA and kernel bypass APIs called OFED verbs InfiniBand and Ethernet. platform x86 asus wmi Fix keyboard brightness cannot be set to 0 bsc 1051510 . sh script to set NIC IRQ affinity. org torvalds AT linux foundation. PCI PTM Remove spurious quot d quot from granularity message bsc 1051510 . Allow access to non standard VPD for Chelsio devices. smp_affinity IRQ Affinity. keshavamurthy quot Intel IOMMU 09 10 Iommu Gfx workaround quot 3. The parameters are log_num_mtt and log_mtts_per_seg and they are defined as a power of 2. Performance Tuning Guide for Mellanox Network Adapters Free download as PDF File . By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics receive our newsletter use the advanced search subscribe to threads and access many other special features. On Linux interrupts are handled by the kernel. 62 linux 3. org 15680. 4 OpenFabrics Alliance firmware burning application for Mellanox HCA NIC cards without inband support k0ste nginx mainline mod dynamic etag git r44. c 243 6 243 8 int irq_set_affinity_hint unsigned int irq const struct cpumask m return Incidentally Intel 39 s OpenMP supports GOMP_CPU_AFFINITY so using this variable may be a relatively portable way to specify thread affinity at runtime. 14. In order to check the tuned is running and with the correct policy tuned adm active What is IRQ Affinity 2016 01 29 11 45 37 565 INFO Collecting Mellanox devices information . IRQ affinity is not set properly by the irq_balancer. . IRQ Affinity Configuration 3. interrupt number for this descriptor timer_rand_state. exe When run from the Start Menu CPU Affinity Associating the test software application with the same CPU as the NIC driver can provide a substantial performance improvement. Each VM was assigned 4GB memory and 2 vCPUs the KVM 2. This site include case sharing and product service introduction for Engineering System. From Edward Allcutt. Ex 2010 aluminum found cans stainless steel wire balsa Flashe 47 x 35 x 14 inches by commission Both systems also contained a Mellanox 40Gb Ethernet adapter which was directly connected from one system to the other. Local Pickup. Mellanox Technologies Ltd Original Assignee Mellanox Technologies Ltd Priority date The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. The affinity_hints are provided on driver load and irqbalance should be able to override them by setting proc irq smp_affinity. 4 was released on 24 November 2019. 1AE MAC level encryption MACsec support for the ID 28775 Package Name qemu kvm Version 4. 04. full log Dump full log of all packets send receive time to the given file in CSV format. When running quot iperf3 quot I get 5Gbit s instead of the expected 9. mellanox irq affinity